We're a highly-rated real estate branding agency

WOTA Technology is the premier real estate branding agency in Las Vegas for brand identity design & brand management. We offer everything a company needs to grow, from logo concept to package design, social posting guide, and brand strategy consulting.

Logo Concept

We follow the 3-step process of inquiry, conceptualization, and refinement to make sure that we develop a brand identity that defines your business's perception.

Logo Design

We create brands that are stable and meaningful. We do this by developing your unique story and designing a logo that reflects it in a way that appeals to your specific audience.

Brand Guide

We provide you with a downloadable Brand Guide that contains all the information you need to know about your company's logo design, color palettes, and tagline. It's all right there at your fingertips!

Social Posting Guide

Create a social posting guide for your brand to align the type of content you post and the emotions you want to evoke on social media. We will develop your strategy through in-depth research, mood boards, and visual design that will give your brand a cohesive look on social media.

Package Design

Brand Identity Design is a complex process of developing a brand and building it. We advise you on the best combinations of packages and services to offer and market to your customers.

Brand Strategy Consulting

We craft a unique visual identity that perfectly encapsulates your company's mission and personality. Then we take it one step further by developing an engaging story that brings your brand to life on social media and print materials — penetrating the market with a message that will resonate with your customers.

Our Brand Identity Process


User Research

Unlike many other agencies, we start by conducting user research to identify your key differentiating features and ensure that the design is tailored to the needs of your customers.


Persona Building

We take a deep dive into understanding your audience's wants, needs, and pain points to create connections with them - these connections drive loyalty and long-term relationships.


Competitive Analysis

We conduct competitive research and identify the top strategies your competitors use, as well as their areas of improvement you can learn from and capitalize on.


Brand Identity Development

Whether you're an established company or launching a new product, WOTA will help you to design a visual language that tells your story and sells your brand's unique personality to your target audience.

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