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True Blueprint Media

Since True Blueprint Media's services sell themself, the main challenge for WOTA Technology was to design an experience that entices website visitors to book a call.

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Project Overview

True Blueprint Media is a highly-rated digital media company in Las Vegas that specializes in providing digital marketing solutions for brands and personalities. We partnered with them to create a large scale redesign of their website that defines their brand.

The Challenge

True Blueprint Media wanted a new website design that was attractive and enticing, with a great user experience. They also wanted their website to promote trust in their brand and provide users with the confidence to reach out and book a discovery call.

The Solution

After an in-depth discussion with Eric Popper, CEO of True Blueprint Media, we carefully crafted an information architecture that allowed users to effortlessly flow through the website and connect with the business. Using this structure, we then created a series of unique page layouts optimized to illuminate True Blueprint Media's social proof, marketing services, and case studies.

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