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WOTA Technology is the premier brand agency for brand identity design & brand management. We offer everything a company needs to grow, from logo concept to package design, social posting guide, and brand strategy consulting.

We offer everything a company needs to grow, from creative logo concepts & strategic logo designs to service package designs, social branding guides, and even brand identity development.

Creative Logo Concept

Successful brands with high brand equity has a strong branded foundation in the minds of consumers that enable it to command a more significant market share and higher prices than brands with low equity.

We follow the 3-step process of inspiration, creation, and refinement to make sure that we develop a brand identity that defines your business's perception.

Strategic Logo Design

We create brands that are stable and meaningful. We make a story that is compelling but true to your brand. This story anchors you in potential and current customers without being too generic.

We help you create a unique story and logo that will appeal to your target audience. This forms the foundation for your web design, marketing strategy, and content marketing.

Brand Guide

We provide you with a downloadable Brand Guide containing all the information you need about your company's logo design, color palettes, and tagline. It's all right there at your fingertips!

When building your brand message, it's essential to have the right branding strategy. We go above and beyond our competitors by providing no-nonsense advice to guide everything from brand positioning and tone of voice to logo design and even brand development.

Social Posting Guide

Create a social posting guide for your brand management to align the type of content you post and the emotions you want to evoke on social media.

We identify the emotions you want to evoke and what type of content best represents them, so you create content that will resonate with your target audience. Then develop your strategy through in-depth research, mood boards, and visual design to give your brand a cohesive look on social media.

Service Package Design

Great brands rands with high equity have stronger foundations in the minds of consumers, which enables them to command more significant market share and higher prices than brands with low equity.

Brand Identity Design is a complex process of developing and building a brand. We advise you on the best combinations of service and solution packages to offer and market to your customers.

Brand Position Strategy

The first step in the brand development process is to create a positioning statement. To develop a positioning statement for your brand, first, you need to identify your brand's key message.

Partner with us to craft a unique visual identity that perfectly captures your company's mission and personality. Then we take it one step further by developing an engaging story that brings your brand to life on social media and print materials — penetrating the market with a message that will resonate with your customers.

Our Brand Identity Process


User Research

Unlike many other agencies, we start by conducting user research to identify your target market & unique features and ensure that the design is tailored to your customers' needs.

We offer many market research services, including customer interviews, surveys & focus groups to give you the best insights into your customer's experience and help you better understand their needs and requirements.

We can help you improve your product or service's usability to increase conversion rates and sales through our in-depth user testing.

The first step to building a successful business is understanding your customers. WOTA Technology provides in-depth, unbiased customer feedback for any industry and product. Save time and money by knowing exactly what your customers want.


Persona Building

We take a deep dive into understanding your audience's wants, needs, and pain points to create connections with them - these connections drive loyalty and long-term relationships.

We generate quality, bespoke content that reflects the voice and tone of your brand. We can also create content in any language or industry. You're in control of our comprehensive marketing plan that contains all the necessary steps to achieve success.

WOTA Technology optimizes your market experience by targeting the right prospects with quality content in their native language. We utilize one of the most sophisticated AI-powered Persona Building solutions in the industry--at an affordable price!


Competitive Analysis

We research your competitors' strategies and identify areas where they can improve. You can learn from their mistakes and capitalize on their weaknesses.

We'll work with you to develop a strategic plan that will help you reach your goals in every aspect of business—from creating a brand image to designing an email marketing campaign. Our process has been honed over years of experience to work for everyone!

We provide detailed data and information on your competitors from various sources. We gather all the data for your company's different needs to help you make an informed decision.


Brand Identity Development

Whether you're an established company or launching a new product, we will help you design a visual language that tells your story and sells your brand's unique personality to your target audience.

WOTA Technology is a world-class, full-service branding & digital marketing company in Las Vegas specializing in helping businesses connect with their customers, increase conversions, and grow their bottom lines.

We offer a full range of design and marketing services to help you build your brand identity, including branding development, brand marketing, social media marketing strategy, search engine optimization, content marketing, web development, and website design.

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