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We are WOTA Technology
the premier digital strategy agency

WOTA Technology is a digital strategy agency that specializes in designing websites for growth & lead generation. We are an experienced team of designers, developers, and marketers that make sure your digital presence is the talk of your industry.

Our Mission


Experience you can count on to deliver strategies that allow you to dominate your industry

We have 20+ years of experience in the industry, from small startups to large corporations. Our team has delivered stellar results for our clients and we are sure that we can do the same for you!


We deliver a design with purpose, a design that never goes out of style

Quality design and development are what sets us apart from our competitors - but we don't stop there! With a dedication to delivering results, we'll be sure to stay ahead of the curve by keeping up with the latest design trends, new technologies, and most importantly, your needs.

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We bring knowledge that goes beyond SEO & Development

We don't just focus on SEO, or even designing beautiful websites. We design functional, intuitive, and user-friendly websites that convert, while also offering expertise in PPC marketing, media buying, and design services.


We deliver customized, client-friendly solutions

We offer solutions for every size of business, from SMBs to large enterprise companies. Whether you're an executive looking for a big picture strategy or a marketer who needs day-to-day management, we'll have an option that suits you.


Expertise in all aspects of brand management

Across our expert teams, we have deep expertise in strategy, branding, packaging design and marketing. We can create your logo and build your brand identity from scratch.

Measuring Our Impact

Internal Impact

We measure our internal impact by looking at what it means to be people-centric. We understand that everyone is unique, and how important it is to provide great work-life balance for our employees. That's why we offer a flexible work schedule, with time to partake in leisurely activities, as well  personalized learning plans for all of our employees. This allows us offer a range of digital services as well as provide the opportunity for our people to pursue new skills.

We also have an open-door policy for feedback via surveys and social media engagement so our employees know they're being heard and their ideas matter. Following suit, we have an all-hands meeting every month to keep everyone up-to-date with what's happening in the agency and what's coming next.

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External Impact

We make sure that our efforts externally are just as much people-centric as internally, with a focus on delivering value to the customer. We know how important it is to be strategic, so we combine technological innovation with a strong desire to help you grow.

We measure our external impact by looking at how much of an impact we've made on the community through outreach programs like community development and donating a portion of our profits to charity. We want to have more than just a sense of achievement, but also a sense that we've positively impacted those around us who need it most.

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You can't measure success without measuring impact. Here at WOTA, we know that by measuring our External and Internal Impact, we can create the Legacy of a company that not only lives up to its name but also leaves a mark on the world. We measure our legacy not by how many awards we win but by the impact we have on our clients' businesses. We call this "The WOTA Difference."

WOTA Technology believes in building a legacy for its clients through the best in class technology, design, and experience. For this, we have the best talent, with a passion for creativity. A well-crafted digital strategy that complements your brand is what we offer . With the best in class technology, design and experience, we will build you a Legacy that lasts.

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